Big Brother 20 stars Swaggy C and Bayleigh revealed on Thursday that Bayleigh suffered a miscarriage while in the jury house.

The couple, who got engaged during Wednesday's finale, met at the start of Season 20 and immediately hit it off. During the 23 days they spent in the house together, Bayleigh and Swaggy fell in love but then were forced to spend 76 days apart since Swaggy was evicted early and Bayleigh was sequestered in the jury house until the season finale.

During this time, there were rumors that Bayleigh had conceived prior to Swaggy's eviction. She was seen discussing this worry on the live feeds, although it was never confirmed. However, on Thursday, Swaggy and Bayleigh shared an emotional video on YouTube in which they reveal that Bayleigh had gotten pregnant in the Big Brother house but suffered a miscarriage while in jury.

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As of now, the couple don't know why Bayleigh may have miscarried. "It's something that we're still figuring out," she said.

Swaggy learned Bayleigh miscarried while she was still in the jury house, but they weren't able to have any real discussion about it until after the season wrapped since their only communication was through letters. "We actually just got a chance to talk to each other about it for the first time today," Bayleigh said. "I know you guys want to know what's up and what's going on with us and we appreciate it, but we're still trying to figure it out because we don't know ourselves."

Although Bayleigh said both she and Swaggy would have been ecstatic to start their family together now, she added that the experience did reaffirm her commitment to Swaggy. "We have had things that brought us closer than people can even imagine, so at the end of this process it was literally like, 'No, I know I am going to spend my life with this boy,'" Bayleigh said.

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