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Big Brother 19: Nicole and Victor on Paul's Return: "I Don't Know How He's Going to Pull This Out"

The vets share their best advice for Paul

Sadie Gennis

The Big Brother 19 premiere included more than its fair share of twists, but the biggest one, by far, was the announcement that Season 18 runner-up Paul Abrahamian would be returning to the game. Paul appeared halfway through Wednesday's two-hour premiere when it was revealed that he'd be taking the spot of one of the 16 original houseguests. (That is so not friendship.)

Being a vet in the Big Brother house always means you have a huge target on your back (not to mention stealing someone's spot), but Nicole Franzel, who won Big Brother 18 as a vet herself, thinks Paul could potentially follow in her footsteps this summer.

"It's hard going back after playing because you have a huge target on your back," Nicole told at the Big Brother 19 premiere party. "So my advice is make other people the enemy. Do what you've got to do. Stir crap up. Look innocent! That's what I did."

Nicole predicted that Paul "will make it to Final 4, but it will be tough" for him. And Nicole isn't alone in her wariness of Paul's ability to go all the way this season. Even Paul's ride-or-die on Season 18, Victor Arroyo, admitted, "I don't know how he's going to pull this out."

Monty Brinton/CBS

"He won't have me there as a big ol' target, as his shield," Victor explained. "But he's really good at his social game. Some people might trust him because they saw him last season, how he was loyal to me. I think he'll do OK, but I know he has a target on his back right now."

Although Paul's social game was strong in Season 18, his big mouth and unfiltered personality also rubbed quite a few houseguests the wrong way, ultimately leading the jury to give the $500,000 prize money to Nicole over Paul last summer.

This time around, Nicole suggested, Paul should learn to apologize more for his abrasive, and sometimes downright offensive, behavior. "At the end [in the finale], you could see on peoples' faces that they weren't happy. He wasn't like, 'Oh, I'm sorry," Nicole reflected.

As for whether or not Paul's beloved sidekick, Pablo the inflatable duck floatie, will make a return appearance this season, Nicole gave an emphatic, "Heck no!"

At least we'll always have the memories...



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