Jason Dent's reign as HOH took a reprehensible turn when the Big Brother 19 houseguest made a disturbing "joke" about sexually assaulting another competitor's wife.

During a discussion with Alex, Paul and Josh on the feeds, Jason said that if Kevin were to put any of his allies up on the block he would make the father of seven regret it. "I'll f--- your wife when I get out of here. I'm going to tie up all your daughters and make them f---ing watch," Jason said, laughing.

Jason's family, who has been running his now-private Twitter account, allegedly tweeted out an apology on behalf of the rodeo clown, according to screengrabs by account Big Brother Always. "The Whistle-Nut and Ole team sincerely apologizes on Jason's behalf for the inappropriate comments that were said in jest on the live feeds this afternoon about Kevin and his family," Jason's account reportedly posted. "Although the conversation that has surfaced on Twitter was taken slightly out of context (per the full conversation on the live feed), those remarks are not acceptable under any circumstance."

TV Guide reached out to CBS for comment, but had not received a response as of press time.

This isn't the first time Jason has made light of sexual assault on the feeds (although none of his unforgivable remarks have been shown on the CBS broadcast). Earlier in the season, houseguests were discussing a potential plan to backdoor Raven when Jason "joked" that he'd "hold the sh-- out of her while you guys take turns."

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During both incidents, Jason is seen laughing and in his family's reported apology, they seemingly attempt to explain away Jason's remarks about Kevin's family by emphasizing that they "were said in jest." However, there is absolutely no scenario in which joking about sexually assaulting anyone is acceptable or funny — and neither is laughing at remarks like these, as Alex did following Jason's "joke" about making Kevin's six daughters watch Jason rape their mother.

Unfortunately, as current HOH, Jason isn't eligible to be evicted this week, but his remarks have many fans praying he'll find himself on the block come Sunday's nomination ceremony.

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