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Big Brother 19's Cameron Admits He's "Still Confused" by Christmas' Decision

Does he resent Paul?

Sadie Gennis

It was a rough night for Big Brother superfans. During Wednesday's two-hour premiere of Big Brother 19, superfan Cameron Heard saw his dream to compete on Big Brother slip away after only 12 hours in the house.

After Kevin gave in to the first temptation and secretly accepted $25,000, a consequence was unleashed upon the entire house: Big Brother 18 alum Paul Abrahamian returned to play the game -- but first, he'd have to take someone else's spot.

Paul had the ability to save eight houseguests from elimination by handing out special friendship bracelets. The remaining eight, including Cameron, had to compete in a tough endurance comp where they selected apples that would either guarantee their safety or put them up on the block.

Nicole and Victor on Paul's return: "I don't know how he's going to pull this out"

In the end, Christmas, Jillian and Cameron were up for eviction, but they had the power to decide how they wanted their fates to be decided: by a vote or by a competition. Cameron opted for a comp, but Jillian and Christmas overruled him. Then, in a vote of 8-3-2, Cameron was sent packing.

TVGuide.com spoke to Cameron about how he feels about Paul taking his spot, Christmas' decision to go for a vote and whether there was more he could have done beyond his "hairy butt" strip tease.

Cameron Heard and Julie Chen, Big Brother​
Monty Brinton/CBS

You forgot the clues Julie gave you for the apples that could have guaranteed your safety. Are you still beating yourself up over that?
Cameron: It was like a chance competition. A lot of Big Brother is luck and that competition broke down into a lot of luck involved. I'm not beating myself up over it; otherwise I would get no sleep. I'm beating myself up more over the fact that I couldn't get Paul to give me a friendship bracelet!

You did a striptease to save yourself. What more could you have done?
Cameron: I don't think I could have done more! I tried as many avenues as possible to try and stay safe. I didn't want to go out without trying to do or say things to save myself.

How do you feel about Christmas and Jillian's decision to go for a vote over a comp?
Cameron: Well, me personally, I'm a little upset but they obviously made the right decision because they're inside, and I'm sitting outside. I'm not surprised by Jillian's decision at all but I'm still confused by Christmas' decision.

Paul didn't give you a friendship bracelet and then you received the most votes by far for the first eviction. Why do you think that is?
Cameron: I think it's because when I came in, I told them I was a microbiologist. I came off as a nerdy dude and historically, a nerdy super fan does well and they saw me as a threat in the game.

Do you resent Paul for taking your spot? How far do you think he'll be able to go this season?
Cameron: No, I don't resent Paul. I think Paul will go probably 'til jury and then get voted out then. He's a social threat, but he'll be good for a little bit because of the friendship bracelets he gave out. He'll have some loyalty.

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