Week 4 on Big Brother 18 brought us our first vote flip and an epic eviction speech to boot, but it wasn't exactly the Spy Girls' shining moment. And I don't just mean Bronte's eviction and Bridgette being up Frank's butt. OK, it's a little of the latter. Here are the nine most ridiculous things on Week 4.

Big Brother 18 Power Rankings: Who won Week 4?

1. When Bronte pulled a Victor to get Road Kill details from James and failed.

2. We've all been there, Nicole.

3. When Natalie couldn't keep her CBS reality shows straight.

4. But that's probably because memory is not her "best feature."

5. That time Frank told Bridgette he secretly nominated her and she thanked him as if she were Emily on Friends.

6. Michelle is all of us drunk dancing.

7. Corey Brooks, wordsmith.

8. Do you think Bronte knows of Dan's Funeral?

9. When Bridgette revealed how she knew Tiffany and Vanessa were sisters... and she might be a stalker.

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