Cody, Victoria, Derrick Cody, Victoria, Derrick

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from the Big Brother finale. Read at your own risk.]

After a season of the Detonators, Team America, a secret pop star sisteran engagement and a showmance, one houseguest has finally been crowned the winner of "the most twisted season ever," Big Brother Season 16.

Wednesday's 90-minute finale begins with CodyVictoria and Derrick competing in the all important Head of Household competition. Although Cody and Derrick have been in a Final 2 alliance known as the Hit Men, Victoria believes she and Derrick have a Final 2 deal as well. Who will keep their promise as they duke it out for the $500,000 grand prize?

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But first, Round 1 of the HOH competition is one of endurance, and after over an hour of holding onto a bar, Cody wins. (Victoria, aren't you used to "this feeling" of defeat by now?) Round 2, which is Derrick vs. Victoria, tasks them with putting all the pairs that were on the block together in order, while also climbing up and down a wall. Derrick points out he was never nominated once in the 50-plus nominations. Anyone know if that's a record? Derrick pulls out a victory and will face Cody for the final part.

We first see the jury meeting with Dr. Will — and the entrance of Beast Mode Cowboy — and conversation quickly turns to a debate over Derrick. Was he the smartest guy there? A master manipulator? A little of both? The subject then shifts to Cody, who flew under the radar for some time and clearly aligned himself with the right person. One thing there's no debate about? Victoria. I'm pretty sure her chances of winning are zero. Hayden suggests she's acting dumber than she is, but Zach disagrees and Jacostasums it up: "Dumb got you far, that means she's smart."

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Time for Round 3 and it's an eight-question game in "A or B," Big Brother-style. It's neck-and-neck and goes to a tie-breaker question, which goes to Cody. With a quick speech, Cody chooses his partner from the beginning, Derrick, to join him in the Final 2. Guess we'll never know if Derrick would've returned the favor.

The jury takes the stage and as a group they have three questions for Cody and three for Derrick. Asking if Derrick was the puppet master, Cody admits he convinced Frankie's best friend to turn on him; Derrick defends himself, saying his family was not a strategy; Cody says his biggest move was keeping Zach and says his social game should be the reason he wins over Derrick. Finally, Victoria asks what we're all wondering: Were you going to remain loyal to the Hit Men or to Victoria? Whether or not it's true, Derrick says he wouldn't have betrayed Cody not only because he's his best friend in the house, but because he couldn't expect the jury to vote for him if he had done so.

Both guys deliver their final speeches before the jurors cast their vote. Then, the first five evictees take the stage and host Julie Chen reveals "Team America." Another secret is spilled as Chen gives Derrick the floor: He was a police officer!

It's time for the votes to be counted and the winner announced and it's Derrick! It was close there for a minute, but Derrick, with a 7-2 vote, secured a very deserving victory. Hats off to Cody for playing a pretty great game too. As for America's Favorite Player, after 10 million votes, with 5 million votes going to the winner, it's Donny! I'm very happy for our bearded friend — Nicole and Zach were the runners up —  although I'm surprised Frankie's legion of fans didn't come out and vote.

Are you happy that Derrick won?