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When the Big Brother 12 houseguests unknowingly evicted the Saboteur in Week 1, CBS' big twist of the summer seemed dead in the water. But as Julie Chen informed viewers Thursday night, the in-house shenanigans may not be over.

So just how will the re-introduction of the Saboteur work? During a behind-the-scenes tour of the Big Brother house Saturday, executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan gave reporters the scoop on how the show plans to to make it happen, how it's related to the return of the "Pandora's Box" twist, and how the new Saboteur will be different from the original.

• The Saboteur, who will be chosen by America, will be revealed on the next live eviction show (Thursday, Aug. 5 at 8/7c). "I hope America does a better job than me," Grodner joked about the Saboteur selection.

• The new Saboteur will first address the houseguests in the following episode (Sunday, Aug. 8). He or she will only have to carry out acts of sabotage for two weeks to receive the $20,000 cash prize. "It's similar to when Dan was "America's Player" [in Season 10]," Grodner said.

• Also, the return of the Saboteur will coincide with "Pandora's Box," a temptation offered to the head of household that will unleash good or bad things on the rest of the house. The first evil unleashed will be the Saboteur.

• Unlike Annie, who Grodner said would have been pulled out of the house after she had completed her four-week reign of terror, the new Saboteur will continue to compete as long as he or she remains in the game. He or she could perhaps even win the grand prize. Also, the identity of the new Saboteur will not be revealed until finale night, whether he or she is evicted or not.

• Of course, this twist could very well be a dud a second time. If the houseguest chosen by America refuses the challenge, there will be no Saboteur. So, choose wisely!

Who do you think would make the best Saboteur?