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What's better for a Big Bang Theory fan than bopping along to the theme song at home? Singing it with a couple thousand people at Comic-Con, led by The Barenaked Ladies.

"Is it geeky that I just cried during that accordion solo?" joked Simon Helberg following the performance. 

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The explosive audience reception helped confirm the show's geek bona fides."It's the most surreal playground ever," Johnny Galecki told after the panel. Added Jim Parsons: "It's unlike anything I've ever done before. It feels really good to interact in this way."

"They see themselves in our characters," said Helberg of the fans. "It's flattering. They geek out when we come. A girl grabbed my hair yesterday when I was walking the floor. I knew that happened to Elvis and the Beatles, but you wouldn't think a bunch of guys playing physicists would hit that level."

The cast and crew also revealed that the new season will include a guest appearance by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Also expected: a story involving the Kurzweil Singularity. Never heard of it? It's OK, neither had we. "It's the point in the future when man can fuse his intelligence with a machine," said executive producer Bill Prady. Why is it important? Because a Sheldon robot (or Shelbot, as the producers called it) is coming.

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As for on-again, off-again lovebirds Leonard and Penny, Lorre said, "There's more story for the characters to do now individually. It could happen again. It happens in real life."

"I think they have very deep feelings for each other, and I think overtime they will realize they are each other's soulmates," added Kaley Cuoco.

And of course, Emmy nominated funnyman Jim Parsons would love to see his character's love-life progress as well. "Wherever this relationship between Sheldon and this girl is going to progress, it's like nothing I would've ever imagined."

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