She <I>Bang</i>s! O'Keefe cozies up to Koothrappali. She Bangs! O'Keefe cozies up to Koothrappali.

What happens in Vegas ... apparently will be played for maximum comic effect when the boys of The Big Bang Theory cross paths with Prison Break alumna Jodi Lyn O'Keefe.

In the CBS hitcom's April 27 episode, Leonard and Koothrappali escort a heartbroken Wolowitz to Las Vegas. There, O'Keefe boots the geeks' hard drives as Mikayla, a "working girl" — and not in the Melanie Griffith vein.

Meanwhile, what of Sheldon, you ask? Back home, he looks forward to "the weekend of his dreams" only to get locked out of the apartment. That "forces him" to bunk with Penny. I tell ya, only this guy would consider himself "forced" into such a sitch!