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7 Things We'd Better See in Lifetime's Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story

Because we have so many questions about Emily Valentine -- and we know you do too

Robyn Ross

Lifetime is making our dreams come true with an unauthorized movie about the making of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Although we're pretty sure the casting will be laughable (see: Saved By the Bell) and the plot exaggerated, we'll take any excuse to relive pivotal moments from the series and see how they might play out. Here are the seven things we have to see:

1. Shannen fighting with... everybody
Shannen Doherty's well-documented reputation for on-set diva behavior is a no-brainer, especially since the movie will cover the first four years of the series, aka the Brenda years. We fully expect to see the cast's first trip to the fall TV previews in New York, when Doherty reportedly pitched a fit about having to ride in a Town Car sedan. But we can't wait to see how they depict the moment when she walked off the set for good... probably to the relief of everyone around her.



2. The casting of Gabrielle Carteris
Carteris has admitted that she lied about her age to get the part -- she was 29 when the series began -- but there had to be a debate in the casting office as to whether or not she looked too old to portray a 16-year-old. Behind the scenes, did Carteris feel like a babysitter?

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3. The first cast read-through at Aaron Spelling's house
Can you imagine the wide eyes of a group of unknown young actors reading their pilot script at Spelling Manor? Plus: Whose eyes locked? Did Doherty and Jennie Garth immediately hate each other? Did anyone question the fact that Spelling's daughter, Tori, was in the cast? We have to know.

4. The hook-ups!
As Priestley writes in his memoir, "We were a bunch of young, attractive people in our early twenties who were together for 10, 12, 14 hours a day. What do you think happened?" We want to hear about those make-out scenes where, Luke Perry admits, they all got a little too handsy. Plus: How did Priestley date co-star Christine Elise, who played Emily Valentine, for five years?

5. Emily Valentine
Speaking of, who named the show's Ecstasy-like drug U4EA? How did Elise feel when her character slipped Brandon the drug and then had a mental breakdown when he dumped her? Were Doherty, Spelling, Elise and Garth really singing during their "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do"performance? (Um, no.)

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6. The evolution of Brian Austin Green's hotness
If there were ever a tale of geek-to-chic, this is it. While he began as a pesky underclassman with a crush on his future stepsister, by the end of the show's run he was arguably the hottest guy in the cast.



7. Donna Martin graduates
It's arguably the most famous story from the series. But according to Jason Priestley's memoir, on the day of filming, the crowd actually shouted, "Donna Martin masturbates."

What are you hoping to see in The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story?

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