Joanna Garcia Joanna Garcia

JoAnna Garcia knows plenty about rocking a chic baby bump. After all, she donned a preggie pillow not once but twice as knocked-up teen Cheyenne on Reba. Now she's wearing it yet again as Better With You's free-spirited Mia, who's pregnant and engaged to a guy she's known for just seven weeks.

But there's still one thing making the 31-year-old actress understandably nervous. "You're gonna put me on TV in a big white wedding dress with a 65-inch waistband? Seriously?" laughs Garcia, who's pretty relaxed about her own upcoming nuptials to New York Yankee Nick Swisher. "I'm not nearly as much of a concerned bride as I thought I'd be," she says. "Nick chose virtually everything but my dress. It's pretty adorable."    

Adorable is also the perfect way to describe Mia and fiancé Casey as they navigate the Putney family's wacky rituals in this week's Thanksgiving episode.  "The holidays can be really tough when someone new comes into the family," says Garcia. As long as someone's still cooking up concoctions to satisfy any pregnancy cravings, Mia should be just fine.

Better With You airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC --Robin Honig

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