While Better Call Saul has matured into its own fantastic show regardless of its lineage and has impressively stepped out of the shadow of Breaking Bad (yes it's true, haters), it tends to make more headlines these days for which Breaking Bad cameos will show up in any given episode. And so far, Better Call Saul has been very judicious with its choice of which Breaking Bad characters do make an appearance in the spin-off, finding that perfect middle ground between show-destroying fan pandering and fun Easter eggs that make us say, "Well that was cool."

But executive producers have said that the upcoming fourth season of Better Call Saul will be converging with Breaking Bad more than ever and that we'd be seeing more characters crossing over, so it makes sense that the time for a cameo explosion is nigh. However, who do we want to show up? And what's the likelihood that they will?

I'm glad you asked! Here's a list!

Walter White & Jesse Pinkman: Could you even have a Breaking Bad spin-off without Walt (Bryan Cranston) waltzing around in the background or a faint "Yeah bitch!" from Jesse (Aaron Paul) ringing out at some point? I used to think this was a terrible idea because Better Call Saul needed to be its own show, but the splendid way it has used Breaking Bad cameos so far makes me think it would be utterly stupid if Breaking Bad's main duo were never seen. This is Albuquerque, not Tokyo, so it would happen just by luck at some point anyway. There's word that Better Call Saul will actually set some timelines during the same time Breaking Bad took place — currently it's 95-percent prequel with some timelines that are set after Breaking Bad concluded — which means we'll likely see Saul when he had connections with Jesse and Walt. That's likely to explain more of how "Gene" ended up in Omaha and who the mystery man Lalo — who Saul was in fear of when he first met Jesse and Walt — was and why Saul was so scared of him.

Chances it will happen this season: Practically zero. Executive producer and co-creator Vince Gilligan has already said they won't be in this season, and he's the nicest guy in Hollywood so he wouldn't lie to us. OR WOULD HE?

Hank Schraeder: I fully expect Hank (Dean Norris) to be part of Better Call Saul sometime soon, because where the meth and murder is, the DEA will be too. With Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) becoming a major part of Better Call Saul and previews of Season 4 showing a lot more of the bloodshed from the cartel that had us fired up while watching Breaking Bad, that's an organic in for Hank and his coworkers to show up. Remember, before Gus was discovered to be the ABQ's premiere meth smuggler, he was just a fast food guru who made damned good chicken and was lauded as a community philanthropist, even setting up a reward for information on the assassination attempt on Hank. So he's tight with the DEA. Imagine a scene with Gus at a DEA barbecue with none of those dopes the wiser.

Chances it will happen this season: Sadly, this is another zilcher. Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul executive producer Peter Gould told TV Guide at this year's Comic-Con, "I hate to burst the bubble but you're not going to see Dean Norris this season. It's a negative spoiler, but we'd love to see Dean." The more likely scenario is we'll see some of Hank's coworkers, like Steve (Steven Michael Quezada) or George Merkert (Michael Shamus Wiles), who was head of the DEA and also a very good friend of Gus'. But Hank in Season 5 sounds like a sure thing, which will help us forget Norris first project after Breaking Bad was in Under the Dome.

Kuby: Saul's henchman Kuby (Bill Burr) from Breaking Bad should be showing up any day now, especially since we've already seen his partner Huell (Lavell Crawford) in Season 3 of Better Call Saul. When we first met Kuby in Breaking Bad, he already seemed pretty tight with Saul and was doing important work for him, indicating a long period of trust. Matching up timelines, Better Call Saul is currently set around 2002-2003 and Breaking Bad started in 2008, so it's well within reason that Jimmy meets Kuby soon. And come on, producers would be looking for any reason to get Bill Burr to show up on set.

Chances it will happen this season: Pretty decent! As Jimmy gets further and further into the criminal underworld, he's going to need more help from shady dudes like Kuby.

David Costabile, Bryan Cranston; Breaking BadDavid Costabile, Bryan Cranston; Breaking Bad

Gale Boetticher: One of Breaking Bad's most beloved side characters, the goofy, vegan meth cook and expert barista Gale (David Costabile) was Gus' main man before Walt was hired. There's no timeline for Gale's employment, but it is mentioned that Gale earned his degree in chemistry in 1999 through a scholarship at the University of New Mexico that Gus set up, meaning he'd likely be Gus' chief cook when Better Call Saul started. If we get to see the innards of Gus' meth empire soon, then Gale will probably be right there listening to some of that Brazilian scat music. He's like the original hipster.

Chances it will happen this season: I think there's enough going on elsewhere that we won't be seeing Gus' operations in-depth next season, so I say there's only an outside chance. But before the series ends its run, we should reconnect with Gale. #JusticeForGale!

Any of the White Supremacist gang: Oh god, I hope not. They were the worst, weren't they? But Gus' rivals probably did exist in Albuquerque during Better Call Saul and would have been dealing dirty drugs back then. That's what white supremacists do, right?

Chances it will happen this season: Not much. I don't think anyone wants to see them again.

The Mexican cartel: This is much more likely. With Nacho's (Michael Mando) attack on Hector (Mark Margolis) likely to send him toward the wheelchair we knew him to be in in Breaking Bad, several new cartel members — perhaps Gaff (Maurice Compte), the cartel's version of Mike — are likely to come snooping around to figure out what the f--- happened. That's not good news for Nacho.

Chances it will happen this season: Almost certain. And since we know Lalo will be showing up, others will follow.

Wendy: The ABQ's hardest working girl, Wendy (Julia Menisci) the meth-head prostitute is a total mystery that needs to be unwrapped just a bit more. And think of the possibilities here! Instead of just seeing her as the strung-out BJ machine made famous in one of the show's greatest cold opens (video above), she's a fully healthy woman with a promising future ahead of her and about to spiral down in her Better Call Saul cameo. It would track with everything else the franchise has and is doing with people breaking bad, after all. Oh hell, just give her her own spin-off already, Everyone Knows It's Wendy.

Chances it will happen this season: Narratively, there's no reason for this to happen, but I'm going with it happening 100 percent because it's too good not to happen.

Marius Stan, Bryan Cranston; Breaking BadMarius Stan, Bryan Cranston; Breaking Bad

Bogdan "Eyebrows" Wolynetz: Jimmy's car is a piece of trash that is always in need of a good washin'. Why not run it through one of Albuquerque's best automated car washes and help out the local economy? And pay a visit to its charming and agreeable owner, Eyebrows (Marius Stan)!

Chances it will happen this season: For the sake of Jimmy's car, I hope the chances are high.

Better Call Saul returns for Season 4 on Sunday, Aug. 6 on AMC.