Bethenny Getting Married Bethenny Getting Married

Last week, viewers watched Bethenny Frankel walk down the aisle and become a bona fide housewife. But now that she and Jason Hoppy have tied the knot, what's the long-term future of Bethenny Getting Married? Frankel, for one, isn't worried.

"The best parts on my show are when Jason and I are sitting in the kitchen talking about nonsense, or something so stupid," the 39-year-old says. "There's always going to be nonsense in our life and some of things that happen ... you would not even believe could actually happen to anybody and they do happen to me."

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Bethenny Getting Married?, airing Thursdays at 10/9c, chronicles Frankel and Hoppy's honeymoon and the rest of Frankel's first pregnancy.

After baby, Frankel's fans are already wondering about a possible second season, since she's frequently said she has no interest in returning to The Real Housewives of New York City.

Bravo's Bethenny: "You'd have to drag me" back to Real Housewives

"Nothing is definite. We haven't discussed it yet, but I would imagine that there would be," Frankel says. "It's the right kind of show for Bravo and I think it would be really well received."

So if Season 2 does receive the green light, is there any plan to change the name? "I make jokes, like Who's Being Arrested? I don't know," she says. "We keep definitely guessing."

Bethenny Frankel welcomes baby girl

Although Frankel doesn't know yet about a name change, there's already material ripe for the cameras for Season 2, such as the possibility of baby no. 2 to join baby Bryn.

"I think Jason's planning on it. I'm not planning it," she says. "We have a while to talk about it, because we're just getting our feet wet and learning how to care for Bryn and this is all a huge adjustment."

However, the biggest question of all is if viewers will see a new side to Bethenny in the future after becoming a mom.

"There's more stuff - more material we could talk about. It's just that when I'm with her, she quiets everything down and I become calmer," she says. "But no, I'm still a lunatic. Nothing to worry. Don't fret."