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Bethenny Frankel has gone from single and jaded businesswoman to wife and mother — but don't expect Bethenny Ever After to be all soft-focus wedded bliss. The reality star says the series will, instead, show the first year of her marriage to Jason as they both began to realize how different they were.

"He's lived in the same place his entire life. I've lived in dozens of places. He's Catholic and religious and I practice yoga. He likes his parents to be around all the time. I like to be alone a lot because my life is often very public," she says.

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When viewers last saw Bethenny, she and Jason were adjusting to life as a family with new baby, Brynn, and temperamental dog, Cookie. When the series returns, Bethenny and her brood take a trip to Jason's hometown where she spends time with the in-laws and enjoys cheap drinks at a dive bar with Jason's long-time friends. Bethenny and Jason will bring up the possibility of moving their family to the West Coast. It doesn't sit well with her in-laws.

"I'd like a backyard," she says. "I'd like a garage and not a closet that we call the garage in my apartment. I'd like every night after dinner to go take a 20-minute walk instead of have my nose hairs frozen... But we're not 26 and I'm just going to decide to move there unless it's right for work."

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Bethenny and Jason this season will also weigh the idea of expanding their family — something that viewers who first met her on Real Housewives of New York City might find hard to imagine.

"Look, I'm 40, It's not like I could have a brood or anything, but Jason really wants to have more kids so that's why that's even been a conversation or a discussion," she says. "It isn't something I would have thought about so soon, but we don't have all the time in the world [and] it's too addictive. It's the most beautiful thing in the world."

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Even when the newlyweds are discussing potentially life-changing issues, Bethenny's humor and wit never ceases to come out, which is why she calls the series more of a reality sitcom.

"It's kind of like Seinfeld where there are just these different characters that appear and these ridiculous situations just happen to appear," she says.

"It's not all that glamorous ... I'm not running around at Fashion Week, I'm hanging with my family," she says. "That's all we really do, it's just my normal life, but somehow it's interesting."

Bethenny Ever After premieres Monday, Feb. 28 at 10/9c on Bravo.