ABC's Hottest Smooch Sessions In honor of the all the love in the air on this fine Valentine's Day, ABC found it fitting to whip up a little montage of some of the sexiest kissing scenes (and sometimes a tad more) to get everyone in the spirit. And don't worry, they've covered almost every show they have, complete with the Sawyer-Kate cage hook-up and the infamous Gizzy romp in the sheets. This video can be summed up best as face-sucking at its finest.

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More online videos Has Valentine's Day Become a Secular Orgy? Contrary to popular belief, Valentine's Day wasn't created for the sole purpose of making single people cry. Daily Show correspondent, Nate Corddry delved into the world of chocolate thongs, greeting cards and lingerie to figure out how February 14th has gone from a day of revering the martyrdom of St. Valentine, to displays of sexual perversion. Best Break-UpEver! Normally you would think that breaking up with someone on V-Day is just poor form, but after watching this video, we've come to the conclusion that there are exceptions to every rule. Poor Ben all he did was fly his parents in six hours to meet this girl on their second date. So he's a bit hot-to-trot- it's not like he's proposing after two weeks or anything. Oh, wait strike that. Radio Station Gives Away Free Divorce Screw roses and heart-shaped chocolates. One radio station has deviated from the norm and is giving away the "anti" of all anti-Valentine's Day gifts today: a divorce. The DJ's theory? "We give away some concert tickets, you're gonna be happy for a few hours. We give away a divorce, you're happy for a lifetime." We can see it now, some poor sap walking in with flowers only to get served papers in return. How romantic! Watch it now! | More online videos Haddaway's "What is Love"We're not gonna lie- the classic love songs being played everywhere today are starting to make us throw up a little bit in our mouths. So to change it up (but still keep in theme with love) we're taking it back to the one-hit-wonder days of Haddaway's "What is Love." It's not Chris Kattan or Will Ferrell bobbing their heads in unison, but we have to say, this video is just as ridiculously funny. How can a vampire with black pasties not be? For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now!