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The Best Opening Credits of 2016

The art of the opening credits isn't completely dead yet

Kaitlin Thomas

As we all know, the art of the opening credits is mostly dead in 2016. The majority of network series have foregone the catchy tunes and accompanying visuals that introduced viewers to the cast, usually through a montage of scenes from the show, in order to squeeze every last possible second out of the allotted running time. That's why with the exception of one brilliant opening, every single credit sequence on this list of best opening credits scenes of 2016 comes from a cable or streaming series.

Let's see which shows started off episodes right this year.

Westworld (HBO)

HBO is no stranger to epic opening credit sequences so of course Westworld's opening credits, which detail the creation of the park's hosts, are a thing of intense beauty. The score is equally beautiful.

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Stranger Things (Netflix)

The Stranger Things opening credits were the most-talked about sequence of the year. With a synthesizer score and a title font that's easily recognizable, the minimalist credits were perfect for a series set in the 1980s.

The Night Manager (AMC)

Both the design and the music for The Night Manager's credits were nominated for Emmys, and rightly so because the imagery is incredible.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's '30s-inspired song and dance opening credits in Season 2 are somehow even better than the mostly animated credits from its freshman run, which were also nominated for an Emmy.

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Marvel's Luke Cage (Netflix)

Credits can set the tone for a series, and much like the sequences for Daredevil and Jessica Jones, the credits for Marvel's Luke Cage very clearly speak to the show's Harlem setting and the man at the center of the show.

Hap and Leonard (Sundance)

Hap and Leonard is based on a series of books by Joe R. Lansdale and the TV adaptation's colorful opening credits are the right amount of twang and pulp to fit the genre.

Underground (WGN America)

Underground's credits perfectly encapsulate the period drama's serious subject matter through effective use of music and imagery.

Preacher (AMC)

The opening credits sequence of AMC's adaptation of the Preacher comics hits all the right notes, depicting the Texas landscape in which the show is set, as well as the unsettling nature of the series.

What were your favorite opening credits sequences in 2016?