<EM>The Dudesons</EM>' Jukka (top) and Jarppi The Dudesons' Jukka (top) and Jarppi

When we heard that The Dudesons, four Finnish friends with a taste for Jackass-like stunts, were going to be abusing their bodies on Spike (premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET), we just knew we had to chat with them. Two of the Dudes, Jukka and Jarppi, indulged us.

TV Guide: Is there a difference between Finnish humor and American humor?
People around the world laugh at the same things. It's always funny to see someone get woken up by hitting him with a baseball bat. [In] Finland, we don't really have censorship on TV so we can broadcast even the craziest ideas: lighting somebody on fire, accidentally burning our house down....

TV Guide: How about Finnish humor vs. Swedish humor?
Finnish humor is more harsh and manly than Swedish. And the Dudesons humor comes from the situations we get ourselves into. How we travel from one comical disaster to another.

TV Guide: What's the worst injury you've each sustained?
I broke my back two times and couldn't feel my family jewels for a week!
Jarppi: I lost my thumb when a bear attacked me and we started wrestling. I guess bears in Finland have a Mike Tyson complex  whenever they are losing, they start biting. The girls love my missing thumb. They think it's cute!

TV Guide: Did you ever get revenge on the bear?
I eventually ended up [making] boots out of him for Jukka. So I guess we are even.

TV Guide: Conan O'Brien visited Finland this past February because he looks like your president, Tarja Halonen. Do you guys have any talk-show hosts who look like President Bush?
No! To be honest, I don't think there is anyone else in the world who looks as funny as your president.

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