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11 Disney+ Originals We Already Stan

While the service doesn't launch until fall, we're ready to watch right now

Rachel Paige

When Disney's streaming service, Disney+, launches later this year it's starting with a bang and offering us a number of brand new original series to binge. Right now, some seven months before Disney+ is even available for purchase, we've got information on more than a dozen different upcoming shows, most of them in varying stages of production. While some will be ready to go at launch on Nov. 12, others will rollout over the course of Year One.

So what are we most excited to watch first? Well, the short answer is: Everything. The longer answer includes shows from Marvel Studios, some new Star Wars series, a revival of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and also Jeff Goldblum. While this is by no means a comprehensive list of everything, this is what we're most excited to add to our Watch List first.

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1. Loki. Out of all the Marvel villains introduced over the years, Loki is by far the fan favorite among everyone, and that's very much due to Tom Hiddleston. I know we're not supposed to root for the bad guy but... come on, we'd all kneel for Loki. The God of Mischief is finally getting his own time to shine without his brother Thor getting in the way in a brand new series simply titled Loki. Supposedly, the show will follow Loki popping in and out of history and how he influenced past events. (Click here for more information about the MCU shows coming to Disney+.)

2. Monsters at Work. It's about time Disney created a Monsters Inc.Cinematic Universe, and we're finally getting it with Monsters at Work. While the show will feature the returning duo of Sully and Mike (once again voiced by John Goodman and Billy Crystal), the focus will be on Tylor Tuskmon, a new monster voiced by Superstore's Ben Feldman. The cast also includes Henry Winkler, Aisha Tyler, and Kelly Marie Tran. We're absolutely ready to head back to Monstropolis.

3. Forky Asks a Question. Little is known about Toy Story 4's brand new character, except for the fact that he doesn't think he's a toy (because, well, he's a spork). However, the fact that he's voiced by the hilarious Tony Hale is enough to get us interested in this series of shorts, where Forky will ask some all important questions, like "what is cheese?" What IS cheese, Forky?

​Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4


4. Mighty Ducks. Ducks who fly together make their way to Disney+ together. While the series was first reported back in summer 2018, it's now officially headed to the streaming service with original writer Steven Brill attached. Considering The Mighty Ducksis a cultural touchstone in many millennial childhoods, this is sure to stir up some nostalgia feelings. But, will it be a revival, a reboot, or a continuation of the story? That's still up in the air.

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5. Muppets Live Another Day. The Muppets have seen their fair share of good (and bad) days on television. While Disney recently tried to bring them back to primetime in 2016, as sort of a show-within-a-show format, The Muppetswas quickly canceled. However, Disney's trying again. With the ominous title Muppets Live Another Day, who knows what crazy antics Kermit, Piggy, Fonzie, and Gonzo will get them selves into this time.

6. Be Our Chef. Disney's getting itself into cooking competition shows, and finally. The Office's Angela Kinsey will host the show, which sees two families go up against each other in a themed challenge to bring their own traditions and Disney magic to whatever they're making. Also, this show will actually take place at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

7. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. We're about to get a little bit meta, as High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actually follows a high school putting on a production of High School Musical. Make sense? Set at the real East High that was used for filming, the story follows what happens behind-the-scenes when a bunch of high schoolers try to put on a show. But can we count on at least one tiny Zac Efron appearance? Please?

8. The World According to Jeff Goldblum. Since we're sadly never going to be invited over to Goldblum's house to hang out and muse about life, we're going to have to do it via his new show, where he muses about life. According to Disney, "Jeff pulls back the curtain on a seemingly familiar object to reveal a world of astonishing connections, fascinating science, and a whole lot of big ideas." Hopefully includes a sweet Jeff Goldblum jazz soundtrack, too.


Diego Luna, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


9. Untitled Cassian Andor series. It's a horrible shame that we only got Diego Luna in one Star Wars movie before he was unfortunately killed off (sorry, spoilers for a movie that came out in 2016!). Thankfully, Disney+ has ordered a prequel series that will focus on Cassian Andor before his fateful trip to Scarif. The series will also see the return of Alan Tudyk's sassy droid, K-2SO.

10. Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The series first started as a movie before moving to Cartoon Network for five seasons, where it was then canceled and moved to Netflix for Season 6. That was in 2014. Now, five years later, Clone Wars is coming back to fill in the rest of the missing pieces for Ahsoka Tano's journey from Padawan to Jedi. The show, and characters, have received a cult following over the past few years in the Star Wars universe, so it's only fitting that the series is finally coming back for Season 7.

11. Diary of a Female President. From executive producer Gina Rodriguez (that has a nice ring to it, huh?) this series will follow a Cuban-American girl who will one day grow up to be president. But right now, she's just a middle schooler, keeping a diary of everything happening in her life. There's no word as to whether or not Rodriguez will pop up in the show herself, but we can hope.

Disney+ launches on Nov. 12 and costs $6.99/month.