Today, New Wave hitmakers Berlin are fondly remembered for whizz-bang synth-pop chart-toppers like "No More Words" and the Top Gun love theme "Take My Breath Away." But back in the 1980s, the group was as widely recognized for lead singer Terri Nunn's wild mane as her powerful voice.

Shortly after MTV made a visual medium of music, the sometime actress perfected the look that would become her trademark: black-tipped platinum-blonde locks. "The black-and-white [style] was really cool — until my hair gave out on me and said '[Bleep] you!' and fell out," she tells TV Guide Online with a laugh. "It couldn't take all that bleach anymore.

"But in the beginning, wow, what great hair that was," she continues. "It was so easy 'cause my hair hung straight. It had no body to it, so it was the perfect style for me. Let it hang, give it a blunt cut, and stick black on the end of it. It was perfect."

Certainly, the 'do was a step in the right direction. In Berlin's earliest clips, for "Sex (I'm a... )" and "The Metro," Nunn had sported feathered tresses that never failed to let her down in concert. "When I was teasing my hair up to make it look big, that wasn't so good," she recalls, groaning. "I'd get through one song in the show, and then it'd be completely flat again. It was very Farrah.

"I was trying to make my hair big like Stevie Nicks's," she adds, "but it didn't work."

Now that Nunn is back on the scene, prepping to tour in support of Berlin's butt-kickin' new album, Voyeur, and readying the first video, "Blink of an Eye," for release later this month, she has returned to the look that first turned heads. "My hair is black-and-white again," she says, "but long. It's halfway down my back!"