Nate Berkus, Oprah Winfrey and the <EM>Big Give</EM> cast Nate Berkus, Oprah Winfrey and the Big Give cast
Oprah's Big Give, the media mogul's first prime-time show, premieres Sunday, March 2 (at 9 pm/ET). In a TV Guide exclusive,

Nate Berkus, Oprah's favorite designer moonlighting as Big Give host, gives the lowdown on the 10 contestants chosen to cross the country fulfilling dreams for complete strangers. "People are going to get really involved not only with the stories of the people that we help but with the stories of people that are competing," says Berkus. "They're regular people who have to think fast and make huge things happen even faster. The truth is that we're looking for the next everyday hero."

In this "Give big or go home" reality competition, one wannabe philanthropist is sent packing each week, while the "biggest giver" goes home with a cool million bucks. Here's Berkus on the Big Give players:

Carlana Stone | Media executive, 38, Glendale, California
"She's in a wheelchair, she has a huge heart, and sometimes she lets her emotions get the best of her."

Kim Prentiss | Sports marketer, 39, Brentwood, Tennessee
"She had been pretty selfish her whole life. By being part of this show, she is ready to right the wrongs and start thinking about giving to other people for the first time."

Cameron Johnson | Entrepreneur, 22, Roanoke, Virginia
"He's clearly so young, but you can't underestimate him. He's really competitive and very smart. A dotcom millionaire, he's a bit of a Donald Trump in the making. Young girls will definitely be into him."

Brandi Milloy | Pageant queen, 23, Chicago, Illinois
"Everybody loves this four-time beauty pageant winner. She's got a killer smile and an amazing amount of kindness. Don't let her movie-star looks fool you. She's a really tough competitive contestant."

Olussegun "Sheg" Aranmolate | Pre-med student, 23, Nashville, Tennessee
"He's a fascinating, intense guy from Nigeria who wants to be a doctor. He's kind of a loner, but he's got a smile that lights up wherever he is."

Angelo Adams | Iraq War veteran, 30, Ann Arbor, Michigan
"He's a true American hero. A West Point graduate, he served in Iraq as an officer."

Stephen Paletta | Real estate developer, 43, Bedford, New York
"A real family man. People are going to fall in love with him immediately."

Rachael Hollingsworth | Singer, 31, Los Angeles, California
"I'd say she's on a personal journey and she wants to win. She's overcome incredibly tough times growing up, and she's a real fighter."

Eric Klein | Relief worker, 37, Boston, Massachusetts
"He's a former model but the kind of guy you'd want by your side if you were in trouble. Hit by a drunk driver, he used the money that he was awarded for surgery to help people affected by the tsunami. He's totally selfless, extremely handsome — and single, by the way."

Marlene Snipes | Train attendant, 37, Chicago, Illinois
"She's got crazy energy like I've never seen. She's a complete crack-up."

Watch video about the Big Give casting process.

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