Ben Stiller, Bill Hader Ben Stiller, Bill Hader

Ben Stiller hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time, but the return appearance of the writer-actor (and brief SNL featured player) was overshadowed by the return of one of his most famous characters — model Derek Zoolander.

In a perfect match, Zoolander appeared alongside "Weekend Update" correspondent Stefon (Bill Hader) to promote his upcoming Halloween party in the middle of the Hudson River. He was dumb as ever ("am I on the news?"), but instead of "blue steel," Zoolander showed up off his "cold coffee" look and instead of The Derek Zoolander Foundation For Kids Who Can't Read Good and Want To Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too, all proceeds from his Halloween party will benefit The Derek Zoolander Foundation for Fat Kids Who Are Fat But Not in a Cute Way Like That Fat Kid on Modern Family:

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Exuding a Zoolander-esque confidence, Stiller also played a man engaged in a V-neck battle that went a little (read: a lot) too deep:

It was no Tom Cruise, but Stiller did his best Bruce Springsteen impersonation for a fake commercial selling The Boss' best stories between songs (for instance, "that time we all got bandanas"). He nailed Springsteen's trademark grunts and found a suitable Lil Stevie in Fred Armisen:

Sadly, Stiller's set included no surprise appearance from former SNL cast member, Stiller's Tower Heist co-star Eddie Murphy. But at least we know his Zoolander impression is up-to-snuff for that upcoming sequel.

What was your favorite sketch of the night?