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Trick or treat? That's what Kate (Dakota Johnson) will find out on Tuesday's Halloween episode of Ben and Kate (airing at 8:30/7:30c on Fox), when she decides to abandon her typically conservative attitude towards the holiday — i.e. dressing her daughter Maddie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones) up as young historical figures — at the encouragement of her flirtatious friend BJ (Lucy Punch). Responsible mom Kate even gets into the Halloween spirit herself, accepting an invitation from her cute neighbor to attend a costume party at his house — and not being shy about showing her interest in him when she arrives.

"BJ sort of dares Kate to be a little bit more outgoing with her costume choice, and in turn her activities start to be a little bit more outgoing, and she meets one man who turns out to not be so nice," Johnson tells TVGuide.com. "Kate is sort of acting in a way that's completely outside of her comfort zone, and I think that calls for comedy itself. She's just kind of doing ridiculous things."

Geoff Stults to find romance on Ben and Kate

And she's not the only one. While Lucy and Kate are at the party, Ben (Nat Faxon) and Tommy (Echo Kellum) are channeling some spirits of their own — with the help of some edible "candy" Lucy has procured from Amsterdam.

As for the "not so nice" guy, that seems to be par for the course when it comes to Kate's romantic life. "She would like to think that everyone is wonderful," Johnson says of her character. "And it's not naïve of her. It's just wanting the world to be a good place, and not thinking that there are people who would do lame things to each other. I think she just sort of has these hopes and dreams about men and what she thinks a relationship should be like, and she's continually let down."

But, her unlucky-in-love ways might be coming to an end. This week's episode also introduces Geoff Stults, who plays a single dad Johnson describes as her "hunky love interest." But he won't be welcomed into the family with open arms right away. Being the protective brother he is, Ben is initially wary of the new guy in his sister's life. Chances are he'll warm up to him eventually though; the hunk will be around for a while since Stults has signed on for several episodes.

Check out a clip from the episode below (with Kate dressed as Babe Ruth Bader Ginsburg): 

Ben and Kate airs Tuesday at 8:30/7:30c on Fox.