OK, this one needs a little bit of context if you don't know the backstory.

Tom Brady is the quarterback for the New England Patriots and arguably the greatest football player of all time. In the 2015 AFC Championship Game, which the Patriots won and advanced to the Super Bowl, Brady was caught using underinflated footballs, which is prohibited because it can give the quarterback using them an unfair advantage. As punishment, Brady was suspended for four games, to be served at the beginning of the 2016-17 season. It's become a huge controversy, with federal judges getting involved. Boston sports fans are furious about the suspension of their golden boy. The controversy has been dubbed "Deflategate" or "Ballghazi."

Boston sports fans are notoriously vocal and cocky in a way that other fans find obnoxious. This is not an opinion; this is a fact, backed up by Boston teams' great success in all major sports. Bill Simmons, host of HBO's new talk show Any Given Wednesday, is an unapologetic Boston sports fan. He was fired from ESPN after criticizing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, a primary player in the Deflategate scandal. His HBO show and his new website, The Ringer, have opposition to ESPN and Roger Goodell built into their DNA. ESPN and Goodell, to Simmons, represent collusion between sports media and the sports it covers and of censorship. So if someone has a pro-Boston sports, anti-Roger Goodell opinion, Any Given Wednesday is a place to voice it.

Ben Affleck, <em>Any Given Sunday</em>Ben Affleck, Any Given Sunday

Ben Affleck took advantage of that opportunity during Wednesday's premiere. The actor-director and proud Masshole went on the show and delivered an unhinged, profane tirade about what he perceives as mistreatment of Tom Brady and the Patriots by the NFL. He doesn't say anything that hundreds of thousands of Boston sports fans haven't already said, but he's much, much more famous than any of them, and it's rare to see as big a star as Affleck get so worked up and speak so freely in a controlled setting like a talk show. He's seriously paranoid.

"This is a conspiracy of people working inside the NFL who all come from organizations that Tom Brady whipped their ass over the last 10 or 15 years," he says at one point.

When someone invokes a conspiracy theory about The Powers That Be trying to stop a winner from winning, there is only one response: