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Being Erica may sound like a far-out sci-fi series — it's about a time-traveling therapy patient — but at its core, it's a story about a woman with regrets, who tries not to make the same mistakes again.

"It's confusing to people who haven't watched it," Erin Karpluk, who portrays Erica Strange, tells "It's not a science-fiction show, it's an hour-long comedy-drama and the time travel is a catalyst for Erica's growth and development."

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What initially attracted Karpluk to the series was the human emotion, rather than the time-traveling aspect, which she calls "a fantastical, magical thing to be able to play." "But the biggest part about the project was the actual character of Erica Strange," she says. "What I loved about her the most is how upfront she is and how human she is."

Easily relatable, Erica Strange is no stranger to the pitfalls of life. Down on her luck, without a decent job, any direction or huge responsibilities, Erica seems like the everywoman. "She strikes me as someone who could be my next-door neighbor or someone I could bump into on the street," Karpluk says. "Sometimes I find in television a lot of the characters are larger than life and they just don't seem attainable to myself as an average person."

While Erica gets to travel back in time, relive and occasionally change her past regrets, the show raises the question: Can you really alter your past, and if you could, would you make the same mistakes over again? Erica has, time and again, been a victim of the latter. "I hope that's not frustrating for the audience," Karpluk says with a laugh. "I hope that it's a sign of life on the show because nothing is ever wrapped up in a neat little bow.

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"One thing that I've learned from the show — or I'm trying to learn from the show — is to be able to let go of things. It's much easier to flow down the river of life instead of trying to swim upstream against it."

The first two seasons of Being Erica focused on the comedy of Erica's time-traveling, with small, dark undertones as she struggled with the inability to change one part of her past: her brother's death. Season 3 will see Erica facing a new level in her therapy, where she can no longer hide behind Dr. Tom (Michael Riley) and his hands-on approach that has kept her from moving forward. "It's the same show, but I find that everything goes a little bit deeper," Karpluk says. "The real theme for Season 3 is a transformation. Now that we've established all the characters over the first two seasons, it's getting the characters to take the next step."

Among her transformations: Attempting to launch 50-50 Press, her new publishing company with former rival Julianne (Reagan Pasternak); dealing with the aftermath of her breakup with Ethan (Tyron Leitso) and development of a new and lasting relationship; and considering the looming possibility that her future may not be so bright.

Will the future be bright for Being Erica? Tune in on Wednesday at 11/10c on SOAPNet to find out.

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