Becki Newton, <EM>Ugly Betty</EM> Becki Newton, Ugly Betty
Becki Newton gives mean girls a good name. As Amanda, the cruel but couture-blessed receptionist on ABC's  Ugly Betty (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET), Newton has turned insults into an art form and taken a spot beside

America Ferrera as the freshman hit's other breakout-star-to-be. Since she's so good at answering the phones, TV Guide decided to ring her up.

TV Guide: Amanda's definitely not above stealing the show, huh?
Becki Newton:
Honestly, I thought that, on a weekly basis, I'd be at the round desk being mean to Betty whenever she walked in. The fact that I get to go into different rooms and harass other people? It's amazing.

TV Guide: On the Jan. 4 episode, the staff raids Christina's closet for free clothes. Have any of your Betty outfits made their way home?
In this episode, there is literally mortal combat over various accessories. Off camera, we don't get to keep the costumes, but our designer is so nice that if we ask to borrow something, as long as it makes it back right away, we're OK.

TV Guide: Would you ever risk life and limb for fashion?
Yes! I go to sample sales in New York and wear helmets. [The idea of] getting expensive things at a lower price turns women into crazy people. Ugly things become necessities. I [snagged] a coat I thought was incredible.... But I got home and looked like an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean.

TV Guide: Any plans for your break from Betty?
I'm off to Australia. My husband [Chris Diamantopoulos, The Unauthorized Story of Mork & Mindy] is there shooting a movie, and he's promised to take me to the zoo so I can pet a koala.

TV Guide: But that means spending half of your break on a plane!
I don't mind — it's first class!

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