Harriet Sansom Harris may already have made her final appearance on Frasier as the limelight-loving radio shrink's outr&eacute agent, Bebe Glazer. But, like us, she's still holding out hope that, before the NBC hitcom ends its run, she will once again dine on some nice, chewy scenery. "Oh, I hope she comes back!" the Broadway veteran exclaims to TV Guide Online. "I really, really do! I feel like there's another story left in her.

"My getting to do that character was really responsible for a lot of the good luck I've had in Hollywood," she continues, too humble to mention that she's landed leads on such series as The Five Mrs. Buchanans, Union Square and the current ABC laffer It's All Relative. "Frasier was one of the very first jobs I got out here. So I have great affection for Bebe."

Harris thinks she does? We, er, viewers delight in her over-the-top antics. In fact, the episode in which the nicotine addict quit smoking ranks among the series' best. However, the actress is determined to maintain her dignity. "One of my best friends is one of the executive producers," she reveals, "but I don't want to beg him or anything like that. I'm sure they have tons of people they want to have come back, so there won't be room for everybody."

Naturally, the show has no comment on whether Bebe has had her last hurrah. However, her portrayer remains ever-ready, should she receive that fateful call. "We shoot It's All Relative on exactly the same schedule as Frasier, so it would require some engineering on everybody's part to make it happen," she acknowledges. "But I do have it in my contract that I can go back and do another Frasier." Here's hoping.