The Beaver The Beaver

Ready for Mel Gibson's return to the big screen? The troubled actor's long-delayed film, The Beaver, will finally hit theaters in the spring, and the first full trailer for the Jodie Foster-directed drama has been released.

Jodie Foster on Mel Gibson: I won't abandon him

Gibson plays Walter Black, a hopelessly depressed and detached family man who gets a new lease on life when he starts communicating via a beaver hand puppet he finds in a dumpster. Foster also stars as Gibson's wife in the film, which was shelved earlier this year following the leaks of several angry voicemails Gibson allegedly left Oksana Grigorieva

, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his baby daughter.

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Foster, who first worked with Gibson in 1994's Maverick, has stood by the actor in the wake of his personal troubles and said in September that Gibson gives "one of his most powerful and moving performances" in The Beaver.The Beaver was written by Lone Star creator Kyle Killen.Will you see The Beaver?

Check out the trailer below: