<EM>Beauty and the Geek</EM>'s Jennylee and Nate Beauty and the Geek's Jennylee and Nate

It looks like Beauty and the Geek has done it again. When Nate Dern and Jennylee Berns kiss during this Wednesday's episode (8 pm/ET, on the CW), it won't be just for showmance. Though they're rivals for the $250,000 prize, the pair have actually fallen in not love or lust but "extreme, intense like."

"A lot of the girls just saw our glasses and our hair. And tried to change us," says Dern. "But Jennylee really listened. She accepted my style and me."

The Dern-Berns coupling is the third match made in the Beauty and the Geek mansion. The first season's odd couple Erika Ramsey and Brad Hooker dated for a few months before breaking up. And three months after Season 2 wrapped, "geek" Wes Wilson moved to L.A. to live with his "beauty" Cher Tenbush. "I expected to meet socially inept virgin geniuses," Berns says of her experience. "Which is what I found. But Nate was different. I always wondered why Nate was there in the first place. He's really cool. He has a sense of style. And he's in a band, which is hot."

So where do things stand now, eight months after producers shot Beauty and the Geek Season 3's finale? "She's out in L.A. and Vegas, and I'm in Boston," says Dern, who graduates from Harvard in June. "We recognize that, for the time being, we can't really be together in separate places." But, adds Berns, "We talk on the phone a lot. I still get giddy when I talk to him."

Exclusive Preview!
How would you do in the Beauty and the Geek quiz? Answer these three questions from this week's episode, then tune in and find out:

1. You're on a date at a nice restaurant and decide to order some wine. What is the formal French term for a restaurant's wine steward?
2. What does the acronym "GC" stand for as it relates to the professionals who manage home construction?
3. If you are about to kiss a girl at the end of a date, you better make sure you don't have this — the medical term for the condition of having stale or foul-smelling breath.

Good luck! No, really.

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