Shalandra and Joshua, <EM>Beauty and the Geek</EM> Shalandra and Joshua, Beauty and the Geek

Few would argue that Joshua Green and Shalandra (Shay) Cham were the team that changed the most during their tenure in the Beauty and the Geek (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET, The CW) mansion. Though often exasperated and dumbfounded by her teammate, Shay helped introduce Joshua to a world of women, working out, self-tanner (at the beach, he staunchly remained fully clothed), gift baskets and bartending. Meanwhile, Shay overcame two of her biggest fears: spiders... and math. Having earned the two lowest test scores among all the contestants on Day 1, it was really risky for you two to team up. Were you happy with that decision?
Shay: I don't think Joshua wanted to at first, but I was like, "Dude, I'm going be your partner, that's it! We're underdogs!"
Joshua: We thought that way we wouldn't be a threat and would last a long time, which is essentially what happened. But you also were really committed to the game and worked well together. Shay, tell me about your relationship with Joshua — you sort of took him under your wing.
Joshua: Yeah, that's a good way of putting it.
Shay: He's a rare specimen! [Laughs] And my heart went out to him. I gained just from being on the show. So what that I didn't win the money? It would have been nice, you know, paid some bills. But what I got from it, that can never compare. Joshua, you had one of the more extreme makeovers. Are you keeping it up?
Joshua: Well, Shay was doing my hair for me every morning. [Since then] I've been playing around with gel and hairspray, trying to figure out what I can do with my hair, but doing the spiky thing is not easy! I could have sworn I saw someone shaving your arms...?
Joshua: Yeah, it was related to the waxing — my arms, my chest. That had to be really painful.
You know, every little bit isn't painful, but then it just keeps going and going! And did I catch you wearing a hairnet in the hot tub?
Joshua: Well, they straightened my hair, so I couldn't get it wet! I was impressed that you had the confidence to do that.
Joshua: It's not about confidence, it's about not caring. Shay, you said you'd take him shopping.
Shay: Most definitely, the first chance we get. We're going to do it.
Joshua: I want to rebuild my entire wardrobe and apparently I need to, so any help I could get in that matter would be greatly appreciated. The clothes they got me were very different from anything I've ever worn, and everyone liked them!
Shay: I'm like, "Josh, you've had this suit since your bar mitzvah!?" He didn't know it was out of style! And it still fit! Oh, Lord! Let's talk about the last two challenges. Shay, I was really proud of you during the bug challenge. You were the only female beauty who picked up all seven insects, even the spider.
Shay: You know people who get drunk and black out? It was like that: I literally could not tell you what happened. I shut my whole self down to do it. I was like, "I've got to finish this for the team." Josh, I laughed so hard watching you in the flair-bartending challenge. You went all out to make it entertaining and weren't afraid at all to spill everywhere.
Joshua: It's funny you say that, because I actually was trying not to spill. The study materials kept saying that that was bad. But they gave us bottles with [no lids]. Shay, what did you think of his bartending skills?
Shay: [Laughs and pauses] Wow. Just wow. You're a bartender yourself, right?
Shay: Yeah, I bartend and cocktail at Jaunita's in downtown Little Rock [Arkansas]. I couldn't believe it. You're like this supersmart guy, and you just tried to throw and twirl a carafe half full of milk in the air and didn’t think it was going to spill everywhere? I'm like, "This is not what I taught you!" [Laughs] That was one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen! Shay, everyone was proud of you for winning that teaching challenging.
Shay: Dude, I was shocked my darn self! [Laughs] And my mom and my sister were ecstatic!
Joshua: She was awesome. It wasn't about just knowing the material, it was about finding a good way to present it, and that's not always easy. She found a wonderful way to do it.
Shay: I had fun with the kids, but I'm happy they didn't have me keep going, because I had no idea where I was going next with that [math] problem. I accepted a long time ago: Me and math, we don't mix. Do you still feel that way?
Shay: Yeah, I was going to take it this semester in school, but I backed out and took another English course. I'm going to take it in the summertime when it's that subject alone. Maybe you can get Joshua to help you out.... Joshua, what are you doing these days?
Joshua: I'm getting my master's degree from Princeton with the publication of a paper on quasars, and starting a job in December. Does that make you an actual rocket scientist?
Joshua: Umm, rocket science is more engineering. This is astrophysics.
Shay: He's a genius at this stuff! Oh yeah, all my homework's going straight to him!

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