Jesse and Erin, <EM>Beauty and the Geek</EM> Jesse and Erin, Beauty and the Geek

Last week's team challenge on Beauty and the Geek (8 pm/ET, CW) seemed at first like seventh heaven for the comic-loving geeks, with a trip to Comic-Con and the task of creating their own superheroes. The catch: It was the beauties who invented the superhero (complete with backstory and arch enemy); the geeks were stuck sewing their teammates' costumes. Unfortunately, Jesse Yeary and Erin Schneider — who are sporting matching platinum hair colors since Jesse's makeover — were strategically sent to the elimination room by current power couple Sam and Nicole, and lost by one question. Erin, it seemed like you were the beauty who enjoyed Comic-Con the most.
Erin Schneider: At first I didn't understand comics, they kind of bored me. But then I saw that they were very creative, and I'm an artsy-craftsy person. Do you think you'll start buying them?
Erin: I don't know about going that crazy [Laughs].... But I definitely won't diss them ever again. Explain your superhero, Aqualita Splash, and those "top-scale dolphins."
Jesse Yeary: [Laughs]
Erin: I used to be obsessed with dolphins when I was younger. These dolphins are her friends and workers. They have to use telekinetic powers because their fins don't have fingers. And who is Aqualita's enemy?
Erin: My evil nemesis was Viola Swamp: She takes her ooze and sticks it in people's brains and mind-warps them. [Laughs] OK! So then, Jesse, you had the task of making the costume. How long did it take you to make that surfboard?
Jesse: I guess two or three hours, and to do the whole costume was like 16 or 17 hours. You guys were working a long time. But honestly it seemed like the beauties basically ended up wearing... their bikinis. I didn't see a lot of sewing.
Jesse: [Both laugh] It took us, like, two hours just to figure out how to turn the sewing machine on. Once we figured that out, it kept jamming on us. What else from her costume did you create?
Jesse: The surfboard shield, her little throwing starfish, the seaweed lasso, the bag of magic sand and the bottom of her skirt. Did it help you learn more about fashion?
Jesse: A lot of it was learning how the sewing machine worked, but we also had to learn about measurements and how to use the patterns to cut out the material. Wait, you actually used patterns?
Jesse: Yes, we did! I know it's hard to believe. But the patterns were in a bunch of individual pieces, and once we sewed them together... it didn't look the way it was supposed to. Yeah, funny how that happens. But it reminds me of another artsy-craftsy challenge that you, Jesse, were really good at: You won the romantic-basket challenge. How did you know that Erin would love the things that you put in it, like stickers and unicorns?
Jesse: We'd already been there for a week and a half, so I'd gotten to know Erin pretty well. I knew that she liked really girly things, pink and purple and things like that. So I just tried to find the cutest stuff that I could to put in the basket.
Erin: He did a great job. I was like, "Can I take it home?" I wanted to color in the coloring book! Were you able to keep it?
Erin: No, but Jesse was able to score the little stuffed unicorn for me, and I still have that. Oh, is that what you were holding in the elimination room?
Jesse: Yeah, she was holding the unicorn and Super Dog.
Erin: [Super Dog] was our team mascot. We actually found it our first night in the mansion. Let's talk about the nomination. Sam said you had an alliance with John and Natalie — that your two teams would never nominate each other — and that's why you were up against them. Is that true?
Jesse: We certainly didn't have any type of formal alliance. But we had a friendship, so definitely I would have never sent them.
Erin: It was kind of like if Will and Rebecca were around, Sam would never have sent them. True. And you two have since made up with Will and Rebecca, right? No hard feelings?
Erin: Yeah, I've seen Rebecca twice. I think she understands now where we were coming from [by nominating them]. You know you're put in a certain situation. Sam and Nicole keep winning the challenges. Do you think they're going to take it all the way to the end?
Jesse: They're definitely one of the strongest teams in the house, especially at this point. Lots of the power teams have been eliminated. I would say it's pretty much between them and John and Natalie right now. But Joshua and Shay have been moving up. They're still under the radar, but they've been doing better.
Erin: I'm glad that they're still in the competition because that's the whole point of the show, the metamorphosis. It's really cool to see Joshua [change]; he was really... oh, boy! [Laughs] And Shay won that math [teaching] challenge. Good for her!
Jesse: Yeah, she hates math, too, so I was impressed. Speaking of metamorphosis, Jesse, do you like your makeover?
Jesse: Yeah! At first I was pretty shocked when they made my hair blond.
Erin: I think it's awesome! We're like Team Blond Ambition! [Laughs]
Jesse: When I got home, my own mom didn't recognize me. She came to pick me up at the airport, and I almost walked right past her. Finally I got up [close] and was waving to her and she was like, "Oh, my gosh!" And wasn't it your mom who used to cut your hair?
Jesse: Yeah, she did. But not anymore! Do you still live with your parents?
Jesse: I do for now. If I'd won the money... [Laughs] I would have moved out on my own. Are you going to continue to have your hair lightened?
Jesse: I'm not sure; I'm still thinking about that. I've been getting a lot of different advice since I've been back. Well, Erin, you're a hairstylist, what do you think?
Erin: I think that once we're allowed to hang out, he should drive the six hours up to Chicago, come to my salon, and I'll bleach it for him! And you'd do it for free, since he didn't win the money?
Erin: I'd do it for free in a heartbeat. He's my geek, I gotta hook him up!

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