Bear Grylls Bear Grylls

Man vs. Wild host Bear Grylls has made his way across scorching deserts and freezing tundra, sampling bizarre cuisine along the way. Tonight, he heads to the Caucasus Mountains in the Georgian republic to spend the night with wolves and dine on a rotten vulture egg. Grylls shares essential survival tips.

1. Be ready to eat. "There's a long list [of gross food], but raw goat's testicles are bad. They're solid, but you put them in your mouth and they melt. It's just bad."

2. It's a shame to waste good pee. "In the heat of the desert, having a T-shirt soaked in pee is going to dramatically cool you down. If you're well-hydrated and you've got some other fluids as well, drinking your pee actually can help you, too."

3. Remember it's temporary. "When you're cold, tired, hungry and thirsty, if you keep smiling during those times, you're going to get through it."

4. Spirit is essential. "[What] matters more than all the survival skills, knowledge and books: The key is to never, ever quit."

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