Looks like Parker Lewis still can't lose. First, Corin Nemec, who played the title wisenheimer on Fox's colorful 1990-93 kidcom, was made a regular on Stargate SG-1 just in time for the space-travel series's June 7 sixth-season premiere (and Sci Fi Channel debut). Then, earlier this month, he also went and got hitched to his high school sweetheart, Jami, with whom he has an eight-year-old daughter.

"[My bride] probably wouldn't want me to say how we met," he tells TV Guide Online, then spills the beans anyway. "She came with a friend of mine to a party for my ex-girlfriend [when we were teenagers]. I was actually there to get back together with my ex-girlfriend until she walked in.

"I'm so glad," he adds needlessly, "that it worked out the way it did."

Even before the wedding (which capped the couple's second engagement to one another), the boyishly handsome 30-year-old was already in orbit over the challenges presented by his SG-1 character, Jonas Quinn, an earnest E.T. cut off from his home planet of Kelowna. But, he hastens to note, he has no hopes that his presence will — or worries that he won't — send the show's Nielsen numbers into the stratosphere. "I'm just an actor," he says modestly, "and ratings are a matter of high-end programming and large breasts."

Suddenly realizing that there might be more than a kernel of truth in his joke, the self-professed bookworm and Learning Channel junkie sighs, "I hope we haven't gotten so shallow that there's not a difference between [cleavage and quality]."

The Arkansas native also isn't the least bit concerned about whether his new role will make people forget his most popular one. "Parker Lewis was more of a cult show," he theorizes. "The people who liked it really liked it, and the people that didn't never saw it.

"Besides," he continues, "the first part I did after our last year was [villainous] Harold Lauder in The Stand [by Stephen King], and that couldn't have been any further away from Parker. So I realized then that there wouldn't be any kind of stigma attached to my having been Parker Lewis."