Bea Arthur Bea Arthur

Perhaps taking a page out of Nike and Tiger Woods' book, PETA has launched a new ad featuring the late Bea Arthur.

Targeting McDonald's chicken-slaughtering practices, the ad features a shot of the Golden Girls star — with her trademark glare — and the headline: "McCruelty: It's enough to make Bea Arthur roll over in her grave."

Arthur, who died April 25 last year, was a staunch PETA supporter and animal rights activist and left money to PETA in her will. The campaign is to mark the one-year anniversary of her death.

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Dan Mathews, vice president of PETA, told The New York Times that Arthur's son, Matt Saks, approved the ad. "[Saks] especially liked that the copy was in Bea's irreverent voice," Mathews said. Accompanying copy reads: "Death couldn't stop this Golden Girl from fighting the Golden Arches' cruel slaughter practices." It goes on to criticize McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner, who, the ad says, "refuses" to switch to USDA-approved slaughtering methods, and ends with a famous line from Arthur's Maude

days: "God'll get you for that."The ad debuted Thursday in The Chicago Tribune, the hometown paper of the Illionis-based McDonald's.

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Arthur's campaign is the second provocative one PETA has launched in as many days. On Wednesday, the organization unveiled its "Be Nice to Bunnies" cruelty-free shopping application that features Stephanie Pratt in the nude with a strategically placed bunny. The ad was deemed "too hot for Apple," as iPhone users would only see a clothed Pratt on the app.What do you think of PETA's ad with Bea? Genius or poor taste?