Tyra Banks is taking us back to the magical world of Life-Size in just a couple of weeks, but the most anticipated question about the sequel besides "Will Lindsay Lohan return?" has been "How will 'Be a Star' be incorporated?"

Well, TV Guide has your answer with the Be a Star 2 music video. Banks is front and center for the clip, but the song has definitely been updated for a 2018 audience with trap verses from rapper and a thicker beat for that catchy chorus. Don't worry, your childhood hasn't been completely re-done. The iconic dance moves from the original song are still there, just sandwiched between a few dozen outfit changes and Banks going full Cardi B.

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The sequel film sees Banks return to the role of Eve, a popular doll who comes to life. This time around she awakens to help Grace (Francia Raisa), a 20-year-old woman who has taken over as CEO of the company who makes the Eve dolls. Eve helps Grace get her life back on track and be the leader that she knows she can be — which makes all CEO and the boss references in the video make way more sense.

What do you think of the Be a Star 2 music video?

Life-Size 2 premieres Sunday, Dec. 2 at 9/8c on Freeform.