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'BBC Dad' and His Adorable Family Are Back to Empathize With Your Work-From-Home Woes

If anyone can relate, it's them

Allison Picurro

There is no better authority on the trials and tribulations of working from home than the family who went viral back in 2017 when their two young children crashed a live BBC World News interview. Professor Robert Kelly, who became known as "BBC Dad" across the internet, returned to television on Thursday, and this time, he was officially joined by his wife, Kim Jung-a, and kids, Marion and James, icons in the making.

The little ones were unsurprisingly in top form as their parents tried to discuss the hardships of being stuck in quarantine with two young children. Many people adjusting to having their kids home all the time will undoubtedly be able to relate to Kelly's remark that he gets "maybe two hours of work done a day, maybe three," all while holding an arm in front of his daughter in effort to curb her squirming.

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The family lives in Busan, South Korea, and said they have tried to get their kids outside as much as possible. "A couple times a week, we hike a hill," Kim explained. "This is spring season in Korea, so we try to go see the flowers and trees -- and they can shout and scream."

The longer the interview went on, the more restless the kids got, with James leaving the room at one point and throwing himself down on the floor at another, while Marion alternated between hugging Kelly and mugging for the camera.

"Sorry, my kids are... " Kelly trailed off. "No, no," the BBC anchor replied. "That's one thing you can never apologize for now. It's part of the scene, isn't it? It's what we expect."

Below is the original video in all its viral glory, in case you've somehow forgotten about 2017's most memorable TV moment.