Grace Park, Battlestar Galactica Grace Park, Battlestar Galactica

"Frak" may be an overused phrase when reporting on Battlestar Galactica news, but the fact that Sci Fi will be posting 10 new webisodes — that will lead up to the Jan. 16 premiere — is frakkin' sweet!

Fans will be able to get their Battlestar Galactica fix with two webisodes each week starting Dec. 12.

Sci Fi announced that the 3-4-minute chapters will complement the stories played out in on air episodes and give viewers more insight into characters and events from the fourth season.

The webisodes titled, "The Face of the Enemy," follow the story of a stranded Raptor ship carrying a group of passengers, including Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) and a Number 8 Cylon (Grace Park). When some of the people aboard suddenly start dying, chaos ensues as they realize a killer is among them. Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh) and Brad Dryborough (Lieutenant Hoshi) also star.

"The Face of the Enemy" is written by Battlestar scribes Jane Espenson and Seamus Kevin Fahey and is produced by Universal Cable Productions.