Battlestar Galactica We start with the "94 hours ago" trick, even though I said last week I was getting tired of it. It's almost as if the producers actively refuse to read my comments and adjust their show accordingly. And the even heavier use of "frack" and "motherfracker" seems to confirm that suspicion. Who do they think they are? Ah, well, I might as well get used to it, especially since the show's returned to form after last week's disappointing episode and is delivering the goods once again. Good stuff here: Kat riding Starbuck, Starbuck pining for Anders, Sharon explaining that Scar is full of rage because Cylon raiders, being regenerated, treat death as a learning experience and just come back deadlier and more annoyed than ever. Bet you thought I wasn't going to mention Apollo and Starbuck making out and firing their clothes off at warp speed, only to break down into sniping at one another before they'd gotten very far, didn't you? I'm thinking it won't go anywhere for a long time, if ever. In the meantime, the Kat-Scar-Starbuck battle was killer, and the added touch of seeing Scar's blood spatter across the rock as he crashed was an unsettling reminder that we're not just dealing with machines here. On either side. Starbuck telling Helo she can't get Anders out of her head is evidence of that, and then he tells her that now she has something to live for, not just to die for. This week, we've got something to be thankful for:

Galactica's back on course.