Battlestar Galactica
"Save the attitude for someone who cares," Starbuck says to Kat right before Kat's cannon explodes. Yeah, and save the "fracking," too, OK? I just want to say once again that I hate

the whole "frack" thing. It's a distracting holdover from the original show, and it's not even a necessary one, no matter how many other fans insist on using it. There. Rant over. Just that rant, I mean. You guys know I love this show, and this was yet another great episode: Roslin's memories of Baltar making out with Number Six, the whole Baltar-Number Six drama in the present, Sharon's baby being a hair away from being aborted and then Baltar's discovery that its blood could be used to cure Roslin's cancer, etc. But the best thing about Galactica is that it's always avoided the trap other sci-fi shows fall into: that of so much going on that there's no room for character development and human-level drama. (Well, that and bad dialogue like, "You do not comprehend what you trifle with when you challenge the Frith, Earthling!") The writers have managed to avoid that, and I have faith that they'll continue to do so. But still: Zarek's rebellion, the al Qaeda-like uprising that now has its hands on a nuclear warhead, Number Six in Baltar's head, Prisoner Number Six and the rebels, etc. If anyone can juggle it all, storywise, it's the Galactica crew. I just hope they don't try to put any more balls in the air for now.