Battlestar Galactica OK, I know it's

Dana Delany, but I think that given her obsessive collecting of files and other tin-foil-hat doings, we're not dealing with the compassionate

Colleen McMurphy here. But before I'm proved right (with the hostage taking) and wrong (about the conspiracy-nut angle she was actually correct about Adama having a Cylon onboard), we get to see poor Billy proposing to Dee, only to have his heart ripped out. It obviously tears her up inside, though, since she immediately dolls up and tells Apollo all about it over a romantic dinner on Cloud Nine.

Then everything goes Die Hard, with Delany's bitter widow, Sesha, taking hostages in the lounge, Apollo channeling his inner John McClane and Tigh's wife, Ellen, channeling her inner... annoying yuppie in the movie who weasels up to Alan Rickman you know the guy. Anyway, by the time the smoke clears, Starbuck shoots Apollo, bad guys shoot Marines and vice versa, poor Billy buys it playing hero (saving Dee for Apollo in the process), and Adama's trick of delivering the dead Cylon Boomer instead of the live one doesn't quite work out the way it was supposed to (just ask Billy). And if you think I can explain to those of you who didn't see it how all that happened, I can only say that you're just gonna have to check our listings for a repeat. (Hats off to Mary McDonnell for her scene in the morgue, though a fine piece of understated grief.) And keep your eye on Cylon Boomer; I'm thinking she's up to no good. (That music at the end clued me in. I'm crazy psychic like that.)