Battlestar GalacticaEverybody else as happy as I am to have this show back, in an era where sci-fi series tend to get dropped before you've even had a chance to really get to know them? Or just because your inner geek loves a genre series that's actually good? OK, just checking. My inner geek's

real insecure. Anyway, here we go, getting right back into it as Galactica squares off against Pegasus and Starbuck shows up just in time to nearly get toasted by her own people. And just as quickly, we get Cain talking about how the finer points of law don't matter in a time of war. (Funny how, between this and the abuse of Cylon Boomer and the Number Six prisoner, the most politically topical series on TV is one that takes place in space, ain't it? Shhhh don't tell the thought police.)

And the tension doesn't let up for a second, even as Cain promotes Starbuck to captain, and the writers, I'm happy to say, surprise me by avoiding the cliché of having our favorite pilot say she doesn't want it because she doesn't need no stinkin' rank. If you'll permit me to continue to gush, it's also a testament to this show that they get a genuine stomach turn out of me as Tigh hears the tale of Cain stripping the civilian fleet of its parts and talent, and ordering the deaths of two families in the process. All of which brings us to Cain and Adama essentially taking out hits on one another. And there we stop for the week. First word that came to mind: cliff-hanger. OK, that was the second one, and it wasn't a surprise since this episode did, after all, have "Part 1" in its title. First real word that came to mind: Damn.