Batman '66 Batman '66

Batman and Robin are really going to need to load up their utility belts this time. A new story in DC Comics' popular Batman '66 digital series — based on the beloved Adam West TV series — spotlights two of the Dyanamic Duo's most iconic villains.

"For our latest story, artist Jonathan Case who kicked off the series, is returning for another big three-parter where The Joker and Catwoman bust out of confinement and turn Gotham City upside down," says series writer Jeff Parker. "We also see several other regular villains from the series in part one, where the Arkham Institute hosts a talent show featuring their criminal patients! Joker and Catwoman have a scheme to literally mess with everybody's minds."

To take on this dastardly duo, Batman and Robin will expand their crime-fighting ranks. "The adventure is bigger in scope than usual and it's also the first time we've shown Batgirl working with the Dynamic Duo," Parker says. "It's really one to not miss."

The first chapter of the three-part story "The Joker's Big Show" will be will be available Wednesday at and via the DC Comics app, the iBookstore, Nook Store and Kindle Store. For a preview, click here