Lies always find a way to come back and haunt you.

On last week's The Bastard Executioner, Lady Love (Flora Spencer-Longhurst) told a little fib about being pregnant in order to protect Ventrishire from being divided and ruled the vengeful hand of the king Sir Gaveston (Tom Forbes). But, as you can see in the exclusive sneak peek above, when Gaveston arrives in Ventrishire on Royal business, Lady Love begins to panic.

"Isabel, I need you to fetch me a second meal, perhaps a third," Lady Love says when asked by her maiden what's wrong. "It appears I need to expand my girth with due haste."

So, will Lady Love be able to keep up her ruse, or will Ventrishire fall into Gaveston's hands? Watch the clip above and check out The Bastard Executioner Tuesday at 10/9c on FX.