Barry Sonnenfeld Barry Sonnenfeld

Executive producer/director Barry Sonnenfeld has some Man-ly pursuits in mind for CBS, or more like Man-ly rules.

The Emmy winner, in conjunction with Tannenbaum Co. and Sony Pictures TV, is developing a comedy series for the Eye called Things a Man Should Never Do Past 30, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Shot single-camera style, the show will dole out advice to men on, well, exactly what the title says. Things is based on David Katz's humor book of 500 habits men ought to drop once they blow out 30 candles.

Among them: "See any movie with elves, mutants, Wookiees or other nonhuman characters on opening night"; "High five in a business situation"; and "Google ex-girlfriends."

Sonnenfeld will direct the pilot, which will center on a magazine editor who is resistant to adulthood, and his friend, an immersion journalist — a reporter who "immerses" himself into situations in order to write about them more personally. How did they come up with that? Katz is an Esquire contributing editor and will pen the script with Esquire editor at large, A.J. Jacobs, an immersion journalist.

What are some things you should men ought to stop doing once they hit 30?