Fred Armisen, Senator Barack Obama Fred Armisen, Senator Barack Obama

Fred Armisen is no Tina Fey and even Barack Obama can see that.

The presidential hopeful admitted, ever so diplomatically, of course, that his Saturday Night Live other half leaves much to be desired in his parodies.

"I've gotta say, compared to Tina Fey and what she's been doing with Gov. Sarah Palin, my imitator isn't doing as great a job," he told

Imitator? Hmm, at least he didn't call him "That One."

Armisen has been doing something amusing though.

"I do know my ears have been getting bigger and bigger each episode," Obama said. "I'm sure they'll get me right over time."

Maybe he can help out with that the senator is rumored to be dropping by the Nov. 1 episode of the sketch show. Three days before Election Day? He knows what he's doing.