For those of us who hold fast to impossible dreams, VH1 presents Bands Reunited, a beyond-cool new series that brings back together defunct '80s acts for one-night-stand mini-concerts. In its auspicious debut episode (airing Monday at 10 pm/ET), it even allows Berlin founder John Crawford to bury the hatchet with Terri Nunn, the charismatic front woman from whom he had long been estranged.

"We hadn't spoken in six years," the singer tells TV Guide Online. "In fact, the last time we talked was a fight [over putting Berlin back on the map]. I wanted to be 50/50 partners with him, and he didn't want that, because he'd always run the band before. I just thought, 'I'm too old, and too good, to do that again.' So for me to have that healing with him was a life-changing thing for me."

Although Nunn still records and tours with a rad, revamped Berlin lineup, she shared Crawford's fear that they and their cronies wouldn't be able to pull it together before showtime. "I was scared!" she confesses. "We only had two days, and two guys hadn't played in years. John said he plays with his kids, but he hadn't done any Berlin stuff in forever. By the night of the first rehearsal, though, I knew we were going to be fine."

And how. Berlin, Vers. 1.0, kicked it old school, tearing through a fierce rendition of "The Metro" and a bluesy retooling of "No More Words." If the hour has a shortcoming, it's that never does it address what the ensemble's most recognizable personality is doing these days. Luckily, we've got that covered: Besides adopting a Russian baby with her husband and promoting Berlin's new DVD, Nunn is shopping around a radio and TV show that could make her a female Howard Stern. "It's about rock stars and their music," she says, then adds with a laugh, "And sex! So far, it's been a real easy sell. People are lining up to be on!" Sweet dreams, folks.