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The 6-year-old boy involved in the helium balloon debacle that transfixed the nation vomited in two separate interviews Friday during questions about whether the incident was a publicity stunt and what the boy meant when he said "we did this for a show."

Balloon drama deflates amid intense coverage

During a live interview on CNN Thursday night, Falcon Heene said he heard his family calling his name while millions of people wondered about his whereabouts, but didn't come out of his hiding place because his father "had said that we did this for a show."

Falcon was thought to be inside a helium balloon that sailed across the Colorado sky Thursday, but was found hours later inside a box in the attic of the Heene home. The boy's parents, Richard and Mayumi Heene, are storm chasers who appeared twice in the ABC reality show Wife Swap.

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During an ABC interview Friday morning, Falcon was asked why he was hiding "for a show." Instead of answering the question, the boy said, "Mom, I feel like I'm going to vomit," and left the room with his mother. He was then heard gagging.

Another interview with Falcon and the family aired simultaneously on the Today show in which he threw up into a container when his father answered the same question (Watch it here at the 6:00 mark).

VIDEO: Falcon Heene vomits during Today show interview

Despite rampant speculation, Richard Heene tried to shoot down the idea that the event was a hoax.

"I went through such a roller coaster of emotions yesterday, to have people say that, I think, is extremely pathetic," he told ABC.

Broadcasting and Cable reported the Heenes called the local NBC news station at the same time they called 911: Richard contacted the news outlet from the land line and Mayumi called the cops from her cell phone (click here to listen to the 911 audio obtained by TMZ)

Home video footage obtained by a Denver ABC affiliate shot early Thursday shows Richard directing his family to raise the silver, saucer-shaped balloon on a 20-foot tether. When the balloon gets loose and floats away, the enraged father kicks the support ring and yells at his family.

Watch the raw home video filmed by the Heene family at the 2:50 mark