Richard Heene Richard Heene

The parents behind the Balloon Boy hoax are selling the infamous aircraft for charity. 

Richard and Mayumi Heene have set up the website where the balloon is being auctioned — with proceeds going to earthquake and tsunami recovery efforts in Japan.

Balloon, boy rivet nation

The couple explain in a YouTube video how the saucer works and why it originally was built it. Richard Heene also says that if the winning bidder pays $10,000 or more, they'll also receive the balloon's original plans; the winning bidder paying $50,000 or more will get photographs of the Heene family building the balloon; and the bidder who pays $100,000 or more will get a DVD of the Heenes building the craft in their living room.

Balloon Boy father sentenced to 90 days for hoax

In October 2009, coverage of a helium-filled balloon thought to carry the Heene's 6-year-old son, Falcon, riveted cable news viewers as much of the nation worried about the boy's safety. The balloon landed softly, with no Falcon inside. Both parents eventually were sentenced to jail for the hoax.

"This is your chance to own a piece of documented media history while benefiting those in need," the website says, maintaining that the family will get none of the money.

Watch the couple's video: