Bailee Madison Bailee Madison

For Bailee Madison, having Katie Holmes as a co-star made filming Don't Be Afraid of the Dark a lot less terrifying.

"We'd have dance parties and cupcakes and finger painting," the 11-year-old actress tells "She made such a scary film so much fun."

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In the movie, Bailee plays Sally, an abandoned daughter sent to live with her estranged dad (Guy Pearce) and his girlfriend (Holmes). Once there, Sally discovers a basement where she unlocks creatures that haunt her and want her to become one of them.

Even though she of course knows its fake, Bailee — whose credits include Just Go With It— says she still got spooked while watching the film's final cut. In this video interview, she tells us about some of her upcoming projects and reveals what item travels with her wherever she goes.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark hits multiplexes Friday.