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If you think the fights and drunken debauchery on Oxygen's Bad Girls Club is out of control, then you might find that its spinoff, Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too (Tuesdays at 10/9c), has cranked things up a notch — or 10. Find out why contestant and Season 3 Bad Girls alum Sarah Michaels calls the show a "hot-ass mess," whether she thinks two guys fighting for her is a turn on, and what the experience has taught her about men — and her Bad Girls co-stars.

VIDEO: Top 5 Bad Girl reunion moments Why did you want to look for a man on Love Games?
Sarah: I was really excited about this show because it's not your standard dating show. It's three Bad Girls and 13 guys. So you have the conflict between the guys, the conflict between the girls and then the dating aspect as well. It's totally different than anything that's been out thus far. And, I also don't have the easiest time dating. Being a bad girl, you kind of have that stigma, and it's not very easy to go out and date when people say, "Oh, that's the girl from Bad Girls Club. She's reckless and crazy." These guys didn't have a choice — they were stuck with us! Rumor has it you find yourself in the middle of a love triangle in the upcoming episode.
Sarah: Of course the guys are going to be fighting over me. Is it any surprise that I'm in the middle of the love triangle? [Laughs] But basically there are two guys fighting over me, Nick and Tim. And it gets kind of ugly. But just like the Bad Girls Club, there's a no fighting rule, so if any of them hit someone, they get sent home. So, it's really a test to see how much they want to be there. If they can hold back, that really says something about their character. Is a guy fighting for you a turn-off or turn-on?
Sarah: Of course, initially, it's flattering. It's a turn-on to a certain degree. I like a guy who will put up a fight for his woman, and if a guy is willing to fight for me, that really says something about his feelings. But if it gets to the point where it does get physical, it would have been a turn-off. So what's it like being on a dating show with the two other girls in the mix?
Sarah: It's hard. There are certain guys where we're like, "I like him." "No, I like him!" Again, we can't get physical with each other, but there are definitely some words that are exchanged when we go in and do our deliberations. We're bad girls, we want what we want, and we're going to fight for it. It gets intense when it gets narrowed down and each girl is fighting for their guys not to get sent home. Basically it's a hot-ass mess. Has the show taught you anything?
Sarah: With guys, I've learned you have to trust what your heart tells and not necessarily believe what other people say. And you also have to be pro-active about it and express your interest. And with the other girls, I realized it's important to take their opinions into consideration because they see a lot more than I do. In the end the we're bad girls, but it's like a sorority and we have to stick together.