There will still be a chance to see a high-octane Bad Boys spin-off on your TV.

Earlier this month, NBC made the unexpected decision to pass on L.A.'s Finest, an action series starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba based on the Bad Boys films starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Union, who also co-starred in the second film, would help bridge the gap between the film and TV universes.

Sony TV, who produced the pilot, immediately began shopping the the series around after NBC gave them a no and, according to Deadline, they may have found a home with Spectrum parent company Charter Communications.

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Sony and Charter Communications are now in "advanced negotiations" to green light the series, meaning that Spectrum Cable subscribers are very close to getting to watch Union and Alba blow stuff up and catch some bad guys. The pickup would be part of Spectrum's plan to begin introducing high-end original content for their customers, much like AT&T has been doing with their Audience Network channel.

L.A.'s Finest definitely falls under a high-end price point. The pilot racked up a $12 million price tag and blowing things up doesn't tend to get any cheaper. If Charter is willing to pay for the adventure, we're more than willing to follow these ladies to series though.